Investment Opportunities In Infrastructure


Rwanda understands the importance of infrastructure in the development of a competitive private sector. To this end, the government continues to invest heavily in infrastructure. Almost a tenth of Rwanda’s annual budget is committed to transport and other infrastructure. To develop a vibrant private sector, Rwanda is investing in Roads, Rail, and water transport infrastructure with the intent of dramatically reducing the cost of transport to businesses and individuals.

Investment Opportunities

    • Informal settlement Upgrade & Property Development
    • Affordable Housing
    • Industrial Park Development
    • Road Construction, Rehabilitation, and maintenance

Projects to be implemented during 2018/19-2023/24 includes the following

    • Upgrading of unpaved national roads to paved,
    • Rehabilitation of paved national roads
    • Construction of urban roads in CoK and Secondary Cities,
    • Maintaining paved national roads,
    • Install and operationalize weighbridge stations
    • Rehabilitate Feeder roads

Following are incentives infrastructure projects are entitled to

  • A registered investor shall be entitled to a flat accelerated depreciation rate of fifty percent (50%) for the first year for new or used assets if he/she meets the following criteria:
  • Invest in business assets worth at least fifty thousand US dollars (USD 50,000) each; construction projects worth at least one million eight hundred thousand United States dollars (USD 1,800,000);
  • A registered investor shall not pay capital gains tax. However, income derived from the sale of commercial immovable property shall be included in the taxable income of the investor.
  • Duty-Free importation of machinery and raw materials as per the East African Community Customs Management Act Regulation.
  • The tax administration issues a Withholding Tax Certificate to avoid double taxation upon presentation of Investment Certificate provided by RDB.
  • A registered investor who invests an equivalent of at least two hundred fifty-thousand United States Dollars (USD 250,000) may recruit three (03), foreign employees, without necessarily demonstrating that their skills are lacking or insufficient on the labor market in Rwanda.


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