A Visit To Kigali Pottery Collection

Kigali Pottery Collection, also known as Uruziga Ceramics, is a ceramics company created in 2006 and run by Delphine Kabaziga, in addition to producing their own pottery in their kiln located in Kayonza.

They also sell pottery made by their partners across the country, like Poterie de Gatagara, a 30 members strong cooperative.

Although Kigali Pottery Collection uses modern methods, Pottery is an ancient art, it has been practiced in Rwanda, in different forms since time immemorial.

In its definition, pottery is the process of forming objects with clay and other ceramic materials, which are then fired at high temperatures in a kiln to give them a hard, durable form, the decoration can be done before or after the firing process.

Most pottery is purely utilitarian, but much can also be regarded as ceramic art.

The pottery produce by Kigali Pottery Collection, definitely falls in the Art category, it comes in a wide variety of products, from beautifully decorated ceramic cups, to plates, decorative vessels, flower pots and many others.

In price Kigali Pottery Collection ceramics range from Rwf80,000 for their flower pots to Rwf2,500 for their delicate drinking cups.

The prices may be a little bit high for some, but pottery making is a very delicate business, and a lot of it breaks in the making.

Besides quality is always worth the price.

The biggest market for Kigali Pottery Collection according to Delphine Kabaziga, remains foreigners, expats and tourists alike; she further said that more and more Rwandans are getting to know and buy their beautiful pottery, and that their pottery is also available online although delivery are still limited to Kigali.

Delphine Kabagiza explained that Kigali Pottery Collection has plans to grow their local market share, and to expand to foreign markets.

They soon will start exporting the artful and useful Made in Rwanda products.

If you pass by Kayonza, make time to visit Kigali Pottery Collection’s shop, it will be worth your while.

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