A Glance At Rwandan Art And Creativity


Rwanda has invested in boosting her creativity industry and has given space to her artist in every dimension, from clothing brands, hand made Jewry, interior designs and so on. If you are visiting Rwanda, you wont help it but take something made in Rwanda back to your home town.

The inventive art that is Rwanda

Bold, bright colors, intoxicating rhythms, architectural wonders and more, beckon from this country that is as committed to its arts and culture as it is to the people who make it so. Travelers win with plenty of options to enjoy it all.

Made to measure fashions and couture creations share a common ally in the Rwandan designers who bring them to life. A kaleidoscope of colors and unique fabric combinations await. Look out for “Made in Rwanda” designs from fashion leaders like House of Tayo and rw&a Clothing. You’ll find savvy sellers with an eye for design among the fabric merchants at Kimironko Market, as well. Pick from the dizzying selection and then let the on-site tailors craft you a new favorite. Need inspiration? Watch the daily commutes of the residents of Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali. It is enough to incite fashion envy.

Welcome to the online home of Abraham Kongas beautiful jewelry creation.


I am a self-taught jewelry designer who up cycles discarded materials (ie cow horn, cow bone, cooking pots, padlocks) to create necklaces of high quality and beauty.

Peruse the site to see all necklaces, bracelets, and earrings created by Abraham. Inquire about price and custom ordering. We are currently unable to offer online ordering and shipping, but hope to provide this service in the future!

Welcome to KomezArt


KomezArt is a virtual art space gathering Rwanda’s top artists under one platform, dedicated to selling original artworks and opening doors for artwork to reach art lovers around the world. We aim to fortify Rwanda’s growing artistic ecosystem and push the presence of Rwandan art forward globally.

Based in Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali, the name KomezArt comes from the Kinyarwanda word ‘Komeza’, which means ‘to continue’ or ‘to strengthen’ something.

The concept for KomezArt was born amidst the 2020 COVID19 lockdown which found traditional art galleries with doors shuttered and the sale of artworks halted for much of Rwanda’s artist community. The need to strengthen and push artists and artwork forward through new ways that make artwork accessible and affordable, became clear very quickly.





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