How best to move in Kigali

Welcome to the city of excessive facilitations, where no matter your preference you will get a suitable choice during your visit. Just like most of the services developed for the people in Rwanda, transportation in Kigali is one of the easy facilitation to access. whether your transportation choices vary from your personal preferences, business situation, or financial stability, if you need to move around Kigali, you are assured to find a suitable means of transport.

If you are new here, let’s break down the common transport facilitation in Kigali, from private car rental, to private tax cabs, to taxi motos, down to public buses, not to forget that you can actually rent a public bicycle for hours or days.

Private car rental

If you like luxury, or if the situation of stay in Kigali requires you to have your own private vehicle, don’t worry, it is an easy fix around here. There are a number of Private Companies that provide private cars for a desirable period of time and fees. With prices ranging from 30,000 RWF – 50,000 RWF per day, depending on the vehicle type or Company quotation.






Private Taxi – cabs

This category is defined to be monopoly with only two private Companies that operate in the private taxi – cabs sector, namely YEGO CAB and MOVE by Volkswagen.

 ‘YEGO’ Taxi cabs

YEGO cabs offer cab services through simply calling a toll-free number 9191 and instantly  a taxi cab will be at their door step with just 5 minutes. Once you request for a cab, cab drivers use Intelligent Connected Fare Meters (ICFM) which is installed in a taxi cab to calculate the cost of a cab ride. Once you get into a cab, Rwf1, 500 will automatically be entered into the system for the initial one  kilometre, while Rwf500 will be added for every other kilometre afterwards. ICFM indicates distance travelled, money, location, speed, identity cards as may be required by authorities. you can pay your transport fare using mobile banking or cash payment.

You can also download the YEGO app from your Play store or App store.

 MOVE by Volkswagen 

The “Move Ride” solution gives you access to a driven car at the push of a button. You , your friends and colleagues can get a ride in Volkswagen vehicles for your personal needs, picked up on demand when you need to where you need to. This service operates 24h/7 across Kigali, with a fleet of highly maintained and stylish Volkswagens. You can download the MOVE app on your mobile phone for easy access.

Taxi Motos

Public moto taxi is the highly used means of transport in Kigali, Rwanda, with every turn you take in the city, you will come across these moto. Although most of these bikes are privately owned, but there operations are generally monitored under the “YEGO MOTO” system.

With this system, it is very easy to use the moto taxi transportation. Simply flag down a MOTO , tell the Driver where to go, hop on, and be on your way! You will pay the fare displayed on the YEGOMOTO Meter at the end of a trip. Fares are calculated automatically according to distance travelled. Additional waiting charges may apply. You don’t have to struggle with negotiating on how much you need to pay.

Quick Tips; you are advised to not use a moto without the journey meter, always fix your helmet firmly, and if your driver is over speeding, always make sure to request him to slow down.

Public buses

This is a form of shared transportation, in public buses which means that drivers will pick up passengers at the authorized bus parking stations alongside the main roadside as long as there is room in the bus.  They run set routes that connect major areas around the city, and generally don’t begin a trip until the bus is full from general bus stations in the city. The operation system of public buses, just like the other transportation, is electronic, by the use of “Tap & Go” cash-less electronic system. The ‘TAP & GO’ system uses a card that can be bought from every bus station around the city, at only RW500, on this card, you recharge an amount of the transport fare, or even more, to facilitate you in your movements. With a ‘TAP & GO’ card, all you have to do is tag the card on the system monitor and hop to your sit. Always make sure to know which bus stop is associated with your destination.

Bike-sharing Transport

This is a public e-mobility bike-sharing transport initiative. The bike-sharing transport initiative is called GuraRide and it is powered by a company known as Gura Universal Link. The bikes can be picked up at stations across Kigali and payment is made online. The company offers four ride packages via an app: a single ride, daily, monthly and annual tickets. The modern green mobility ride sharing has docking stations across two networks (City Center & Gisimenti- Kimironko corridors) with each station having provision for at least 5 bikes.

As you step in Kigali, be enthusiastic that you will find a suitable transport facility of your preference. The best part is you get to choose between different options in accordance to your occasion.

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