Blackstone Lounge: Kigali’s Favorite Spot

We are talking fine dining, exotic cocktails, the cozy ambiance, and the good vibes that define BLACKSTONE LOUNGE as top of the list, first choice to come to mind when looking for fun spots in Kigali.

Located at the Kimihurura gateway, at the KBC building, 2nd floor, literally across the iconic Convention Center, day or night time, it is a spot of perfection.

You just landed in Kigali and you are looking for your  new favorite place, trust Blackstone Lounge to win your heart. On a general day of a life in Kigali, you get to stay and enjoy the moments of your entire day at this spot. What makes them special is the changing varieties, as time moves around the day, Blackstone services and moments always come through.

Being a fine restaurant and Lounge, every morning Blackstone Lounge opens up with the scent of good coffee from specialized Barista. The authentic fresh air you breathe from the outside balcony makes the perfect beginning of your day.

Take a little amazing imagination of you sitting and planning the rest of your day from a perfect sensation of fresh air, clean city view and a cup of great coffee to begin your day.

What is a perfect restaurant without the perfect cuisine? By the most specialized chefs, Blackstone Lounge believes in cuisine perfection.

The Blackstone cuisine meals create a bond from a bite of taste. Ethical and sustainable food production, the flavors, texture, nutritional content, and the availability of endless items of the menu will leave you with the urge to come back every time you long for a perfect plate.


We all love a number of promotions on our orders every now and then, and when it comes with consistency, it grows into us. Blackstone Lounge knows how to do this best.

Every Tuesday, every burger lover knows that all ways lead to Blackstone Lounge. The amazingly tasty Blackstone burgers are subject to a ”double your order” promotion, BUY ONE AND GET ONE FREE. The best part is, if you have trouble moving, you still have a choice to place your order (0788313788) and get it delivered to you.


The food promotions have no limit at Blackstone Lounge, Every Wednesday and Friday are labeled and known as the ”Blackstone Pizza Promo Day”. There has never been a greater joy to food lovers, than ordering one meal and getting it doubled for the same price.


At Blackstone Lounge, they call it the ”the spot vibe check”. You will not look for another fun spot to go to if you have reached at Blackstone. As the sun goes down, the lights turn up and the vibes go crazy. Good people, good music from the best djs in the city, exotic cocktails, the city lights, everything that marks a perfect night out lives at Blackstone Lounge.


When you say Blackstone Lounge, so many varieties of moments are heard. From the elegant setup, the amazing view, the good vibes, and excellent service. But what comes in the mind of someone who has been at this spot, is the exotic cocktails. Blackstone Lounge is an a great opportunity to experience the mix-logy passion of great bartenders. Tip; when you get there, order for the cocktail jug, your cocktail experience will never be the same.

When you see their hashtag #YouKnowTheSpot you will understand that it is going to be your night to remember in Kigali city. A fun evening at Blackstone Lounge goes on until late in the AM, because if you came out to have fun, why leave before you have it at the fullest?


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