Kigali Car-Free Zones

Kigali has a number of areas declared Car-free zones, which are most meant to create dynamic public spaces for residents and visitors. These areas are best for different activities, such as relaxing, interacting, enjoying amazing street food, going out, and some for hosting different activities as exhibitions, and even concerts.

It is of great need to learn about these areas, since having the best Kigali adventures will be experienced from these places. You will the Rwanda Spirit in theses areas. The fresh area, the amazing infrastructures, the ambiance, and the amazing people will make a good tour for you in the city.

The 3 famous Car-free zones are defined for different activities, let’s run them down.

1. ‘Imbuga City Walk’ Kigali CarFree Zone

Located in the capital’s Central Business District, the ‘Imbuga City Walk’ was introduced in 2015 and re-innovated in early 2021. The pedestrian area was re-innovated to  turn the zone into a green and recreational zone with more attractive features. The zones feautures different sections fo different activities, such as; a section Kiosks for street business, public art works, and public toilets, the Entertainment activities and exhibitions zone, as well as the Areas of meditation, kids’ playground.

Imbuga City Walk includes street benches and free WiFi, green corridor landscaping, kids’ playground, and photography sections among others. The zone was created in line with making Kigali a green, clean and livable city.

2. Biryogo Car Free Food Street

Located in Biryogo, Gitega sector in Nyamirambo, with roads including KN 115 St, KN 113 St & KN 126 St, the Biryogo Car free food zone is designed mostly for lovers of good local fast food, such as chapatis, brochette, ugali, and other local foods. This area is also known as the alcohol-few region, that serves mostly spiced  and green tea,  since most of the residents of Nyamirambo are of the Muslim religion. The free-zone is known to be attractive for the artistic paintings of the roads in this area. This aea is objective to allowing residents to relax and have light moments in the otherwise congested central business district.


3. Kisiment Car Free zone

The recently, Kigli City put out a statement to close car traffic on KG 18 Avenue at Gisimenti, to make way for an “entertainment zone” on weekends. The car free zone was created to allow bars and restaurants in the area to expand their seating area outdoors for the convenience of their revelers. Every Friday to Sunday, from 6PM until late, the 18 Ave (stretching from Rosty Bar and Resto to Oyster Bar) is dominated by hangout outlets which create an entertainment zone for people to enjoy a car-free nightlife in Kigali.



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