Kigali Night Life: An Adventure Worth Experiencing

New in Kigali? You are reading the right page!

If you are a lover of the night life, just like most of us, let us take you around.

Here in Kigali, most of the environment looks the same, and the most important thing is information;  knowing where the right people are, where the good music is, and all that is very easy to know just like the back of your hand.

Kigali is a small city, the lights of the night life go on at once, and you can move to almost every one of the favorite spots in a night, but keep in mind, always know where the right activities you are looking for are.



What does a regular night Kigali life look like? Meeting the right people at good spots, captivating interactions, good music from famous djs, cocktails, beers, liquor and good food. You got your self a night to remember.

Normally, a night in Kigali starts at 6pm.  That is when you should be planning on where to get in first. You will always need a good meal before the sun gets down, believe it or not, that fresh air should be embraced in order to get you in the beautiful mood. And when we say Kigali Night life is elevated from Tuesday to Sunday, believe us.

The Repub Lounge
Ubumwe Grand Hotel

How do the Food menus in Kigali look like?

Kigali restaurants, Lounges and bars are filled with both local and international cuisines. I have eaten in almost every place in Kigali, and my level of disappointment has been at the lowest. The best thing you will love about this part is the service. Most of the waiters and waitresses understand that this is a touristic City, so, they will always walk with you through the menu, recommend you the best orders and get you served right and leave you happy.

The Retreat Hotel
Serena Hotel Kigali
Nyura Restaurants

Which areas are best for a perfect Kigali night?

Geographically speaking, I would recommend areas such as Kimihurura, Kacyiru, Kibagabaga, Nyarutarama, Kiyovu, and Remera. Not saying that other areas don’t have amazing places, you might find your favorite place located in another area apart from the mentioned. But realistically, I move a lot, and these recommendations have the highest probability of making your night.

What time does a Kigali night end?

If you have decided to have fun and enjoy the Kigali night life to the fullest, then we don’t see why you should think about going home before AM!

Kigali is one of the safest cities you will ever travel to. So, be it day or night, the city guarantees a safe and continuous fun-moments night, regardless of the time.

By the way, you don’t have to be in one place the whole night! If you are wondering how to map your night movements without making a mistake, this is a digital city, and with just your mobile phone, you will know where to go next.

In Kigali, you get access to digital applications that will show you where the best drinks are being served, where the greatest djs are performing, basically where all the good night life moments are happening. With the affordable transportation and how small the city is, you will enjoy everything you’ve always wanted to in a night.

Taste Green
Bruce Melodie
Dj Marnaud
Blackstone Lounge Kigali

The atmosphere, the services, and the people are very welcoming, most of the people you will meet in a night will have a smile on their faces and welcome you with a warm heart. Because in Kigali, at the end of the day, when it is time to enjoy the night life, we got happiness on top.

Welcome to Kigali.

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