CHOGM To Popularize Rwanda High Quality Souvenirs

Rwanda is home to the regions high quality souvenirs that have for the past two decades remained top of the list of much sought after things by visitors to the country that annually hosts various global and regional gatherings.

Delegates at the ongoing 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting CHOGM shopping should be at the top of their list though there are many activities to do and beautiful sights to see.

There are unique souvenirs A CHOGM delegate should pick up from various exhibition stands during this CHOGM week.

jewelry craftsmanship, that is quickly changing. Jewelry design is on the rise, as traditional and modern styles have been merged into beautiful new designs. Delegates can buy recycled and handmade brass necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, Kitenge fabric jewelry among others.

Gold Jewelry is the latest addition to the ever expanding souvenir subsector. In 2020, Rwanda exported N/A in Gold, making it the 63rd largest exporter of Gold in the world. At the same year, Gold was the 1st most exported product in Rwanda. The main destination of Gold exports from Rwanda are: United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Rwandan coffee and tea is famous for its delicate and pleasantly fruity taste.

Home décor art would be an interesting addition on the delegates picks: Unique and geometric art pieces and wall hangings are made using, quite literally, cow dung. The dung is mixed with other organic materials to produce bright colors, resulting in truly beautiful designs. This art form is traditional and unique to Rwanda.

Colorful and intricate basket selections woven from natural fibers and grass, and can take several days to complete. Hundreds of cooperatives around the country produce the famous Agaseke basket and peace baskets, and they can be found at any market or craft cooperative.

Rwandan Calabash gourds are undoubtedly unique. Hollowed and dried out, these gourds were traditionally used to store dry beans and similar products, but are now just enjoyed as home decor.

Kitenge fabric. All markets in Rwanda have rows and rows of Kitenge options, with the fabric originating from all over the continent – including countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Senegal.

These beautiful, colorful, and patterned fabrics can be transformed into unique clothing, bed spreads, bags, aprons, and more – just buy a piece of fabric at the market, and ask the resident seamstress to design whatever you may want.

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