President Kagame in Fireside Chat At CHOGM Business Forum

As the Commonwealth Business Forum entered its afternoon sessions President Paul Kagame participated in the Fireside Chat.

In his remarks, Kagame told delegates that in the commonwealth, “we already have many things in common indeed. Be it the language, be it the different systems, financial systems, that would enable us to make investments, trade with each other all together.”

According to the Rwandan Leader, there is a starting point that is more or less, good enough; “But we need to make it better. We need to keep making sure that when we talk about the Commonwealth, we actually mean the Commonwealth. Not just that being Common to a few of the many 54 countries.”

He said that it is always a work in progress, “We keep having to engage one another, finding out what we can do to bring that balance to the extent that everyone in the commonwealth, the family of nations feels they are part of it, no one is left behind.”

Kagame noted that even the small, developing nations feel they are not left behind, that “we uplift everyone, we move towards what fulfills the obligation to the Commonwealth that we aspire to in this family of nations.”

He also hinted on the devastating effects the Covid-19 pandemic. “Whether it is trade and business, investments, or other issues we talked about, health. You know we had this pandemic, we had shortage of vaccines.” And stressed that the pace at which things move needs to be increased, so that we give more value to the Commonwealth and the feelings of the people of the Commonwealth.

This afternoon session of the opening of the CHOGM Business forum was attended by Makhtar Diop Managing Director of the International Finance Corporation, President, Akinwumi A. Adesina -African Development Bank Group, Dr. Andrew Forrest,Chairman of Fortescue Future Industries and Amali Chivanthi de Alwis, CEO of ClimateSubak.


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