Commonwealth Youth Forum

Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF)

The Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF 2022), which is held in parallel with the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) will be held in Kigali, Rwanda between 19-21 June 2022 with the theme of ‘Taking Charge of our Future’.

The Commonwealth Youth Forum provides an opportunity for young people of the Commonwealth to build cross-cultural connections and networks, deliberate on youth-led initiatives addressing emerging issues impacting young people, strategise on perspectives to influence decision makers and ensure young people have a voice and agency in its future.

CYF 2022’s theme ‘Taking Charge of our Future’ captures the aspirations and ambitions of our new generation leaders in championing an inclusive and prosperous Commonwealth where young people are key actors and equal stakeholders in shaping the future.

The CYF will reinforce young people’s involvement across the Commonwealth in devising solutions to complex global challenges as well as providing intergenerational spaces to enhance their ability to bring forward meaningful recommendations to the Heads of Government meeting. The Forum will also include opportunities for plenary discussions and action planning breakout sessions, focussed around CHOGM’s themes.

CYF incorporates the Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) General Assembly (the highest decision making gathering of young people in the Commonwealth). The CYC General Assembly enables young people to take stock of the progress of youth-led action addressing development challenges. The CYC is the recognised voice of over 1.2 billion young people from all across the Commonwealth, advocating on their behalf on issues such as climate change, employment, access to education, universal health coverage and gender equality.

Planning for the CYF and the creation of the agenda is undertaken by a youth-led international taskforce in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat, Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) and the Government of Rwanda. The taskforce is co-chaired by the CYC Vice Chairperson for Inclusion and Engagement, and the Chairperson of National Youth Council of Rwanda.

Further updates about how to be a participant at the forum, accreditation and administrative arrangements will follow.